How to Fix macOS Monterey Stuck Black Screen?

We all know that releasing beta versions of any OS or application means there will be some bugs or errors. Same with any macOS, as we have experienced bugs and errors in previous beta versions of most of macOS.

However, unlike previous versions, Apple made a bold statement about the beta version of macOS Monterey. As they have stated that it is quite suitable only for testing but for use is not recommended.

Users started experiencing problems installing macOS Monterey. Once installed, whenever users restarted their VM, there was only a black screen. There is no option to fix it, even the cursor has vanished for most of the time.

There are only two options to fix the problem:

  • There is option to reinstall the macOS Monterey again (still on restarting will face the same problem).
  • And there is the method given below.

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How to Fix macOS Monterey black screen stuck in VMware?


After you have installed macOS Monterey on your VMware, you will need to use the method below. Don’t restart your system at all. Some have questions like can we install VMware tools before, I would recommend you to install the VMware tool later, as for now apply the operation below.

system preferences- macOS Monterey black screen
system preferences- macOS Monterey black screen

The first step will be to open the System Preferences. Inside you will find Users & Groups, select it.

system preferences login
system preferences login

You will be taken to another window; there you will find a lock icon below the Login options. Clicking on it will open another window “system preference is trying to unlock users & groups preferences”. Type your account password and click on Unlock button.

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login options
login options

Now again, click on Login Options then beside Automatic Login, you will find options. It will be Off by default; you will need to add your account here. Log in and type your password. I would recommend you to use the name of your system.

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automatically log in
automatically log in

This will make sure you will bypass the black screen phase without asking for the password. By any chance, if you got any kind of problem then the comment section is all yours.

Note: Make sure you apply the method given above before you restart your system, otherwise you will experience the black screen. If somehow, you restart your system and didn’t experience the black screen, this method will not work. On the next restart, you will experience the black screen for sure. So, apply the method to avoid macOS Monterey black screen.

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