Download macOS Monterey DMG, ISO Image, and VMDK

Download macOS Monterey DMG & ISO- You are here to download macOS Monterey for free and you won’t be disappointed. Given files in DMG, ISO or VMDK can be used for virtualization purposes too. Any virtualization application as VMware workstation, Virtual Box, or Parallels can do the job.

Before we continue to download macOS Monterey, here is a quick on its background to get a little bit familiar.

macOS Monterey Highlight

macOS Monterey
macOS Monterey

It was released in June of 2021 at WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference). Monterey was released as the 18th major release by Apple in macOS. The macOS is also labeled as 12 which is expected after the change by macOS Big Sur.

In earlier versions of macOS, all of them were given version number 10-10.15. however, the chain was broken on the release of macOS Big Sur with version number 11. On the release of Monterey, most of the users expected 11.1 but Apple assigned it, version 12.

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Download macOS Monterey for free

We have provided a wide range of different hosting platforms. From famous platforms as Media fire, Mega.NZ, to Torrent. The reason behind the job was to provide the file no matter what. We have provided files as a single file for users with fast internet connections and multiple files for users who don’t have them.

Each of the files might take about 10 GB- 15 GBs of storage (size will decrease if compressed, uploading as a single file can take way more space).

Still, if you are a user with macOS Big Sur on your Mac then you can upgrade your system for free. You will need to Settings> System Preferences> Software Update. Following the procedure and upgrade your macOS Big Sur to macOS Monterey for free.

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What are the differences between DMG, ISO and VMDK files?

Both DMG and ISO are disk image formatted. It means to create a DMG or ISO file format of any file, you will need to mount a volume. ISO is mostly used for Windows platforms and DMG is given the upper hand on Mac. Still, both of them are used to create bootable USB drives for different operating systems.

Back in the day, when CDs or DVDs were used. On inserting a CD or DVD on your system a mounted volume appeared. Other files were burned as ISO on CDs and DVDs. So, what is then VMDK then?

VMDK (short for Virtual Machine Disk) is a file format that is used to describe containers for virtual hard disk drives on virtual machines like VMware or Virtual Box.

Download macOS Monterey DMG File

DMG is a great file format to perform a clean installation on your Mac. Still, you will need to be careful while installing it, as a single error can make your work take hours. So, clean your system. Take all of your data and store it somewhere safe then perform the installation (just in case you might not lose your data). You can also use this link to download macOS DMG file.

Download macOS Monterey ISO

Here you can download macOS Monterey in ISO file. The ISO images of macOS Monterey can be used on VMware or Virtual Box. You can also use it for the clean installation of macOS Monterey on your system. You might also find it interesting “How to Create macOS Monterey Bootable USB using Terminal?“.

Download macOS Monterey VMDK

Since there are only beta versions for now, so we are waiting for the full version. Once the official version is released, then we would upload the VMDK file of macOS Monterey too. Until then you can download macOS Monterey in ISO or DMG from above and use them on your virtualization apps.

DISCLAIMER: macOS Monterey and all macOS are property of Apple and they own them completely. The macOS Monterey ISO Image is created for Educational and Testing Purposes. Note it down, we are not responsible if anyone is miss using the file.

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System Requirements for Monterey

macOS Monterey is compatible with all Macs with Apple silicon and the following Intel-based models:

MacBook: Early 2016 and newer

MacBook Air: Early 2015 and newer

MacBook Pro: Early 2015 and newer

Mac Mini: Late 2014 and newer

iMac: Late 2015 and newer

iMac Pro: Late 2017

Mac Pro: Late 2013 and newer

Installing macOS Monterey on VMware and Virtual box

If you have ever installed macOS on your system, then you know how easy the installation is. Still, if you find it difficult to perform the clean installation on your Mac or just want to try the macOS then virtualization is a great option for you.

The ISO images or macOS Monterey can help in virtualization. Here is how:

How to install macOS Monterey on VMware Workstation?

How to install macOS Monterey on Virtual Box?

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Features of macOS 12

To give a quick insight into what the new changes are and what new updates are in Monterey. Here are the features of Monterey:


macOS Monterey
macOS Monterey

Share Screen- you can share your entire screen or just a certain app.

Watch together- the option to watch movies and listen to audio files is valid.

Spatial Audio- make the caller’s voice way more natural.

Mic Mode- removes background noises and focuses on the caller’s voice.

Grid view- all the users in group calls are arranged in a grid. For users on iPhone/iPad, in group calls; they are organized in portrait.

Calendar link- you can set a reminder and on the time, the calendar will call that person automatically.

Invite anyone- with links, you can invite friends using Android or Windows to join your group calls.


Photo Collection- multiple photos shared in Messages will appear as collages or an elegant stack of images. You can flip through the stack too.


Tab Bars- each tab is kind of translucent in color. The tabs will be the same color as the web page.

Tab Groups- you can create a group of tabs and toggle between the tabs.

Access to tabs- with the sync option to your Apple ID, you can access your browser tabs from anywhere.


Notify- enabling Focus will create a notification for those who will reach you. They will be sent notes about enabled Focus mode.

All devices- enabling Focus on all of your Apple products can be done.

Quick Note

macOS monterey features
macOS Monterey features

Add anything- the option to add any kind of media files on your Quick Notes is available. From adding pictures, videos to contact and colanders are available.

Activity or Mentions- all-new Activity view lets you see what activities have other users added for you.

Universal Control

Universal Control- users can slide their mouse from their desktop to their iPad or iPhone without any third-party app.


AirPlay- enables you to access your media files from your iPhone/iPad to your Mac.

Live Text

Live Text- a new feature that enables you to add, write or edit text on your images. macOS Monterey will even be able to detect things written on pictures.


Shortcuts- numerous shortcuts for applications and features are added.


Maps- a new 3D experience while surfing place is available.

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