Fix Can’t Find Scheme Menu in macOS Disk Utility

If you have experienced “Can’t find scheme menu in the macOS disk utility” then this will totally help you. Even the previous versions of macOS such as macOS Big Sur, macOS Catalina… many users faced this problem. Even users experienced the same problem in macOS Monterey too.

fix Scheme menu in macOS's Disk Utility
fix Scheme menu in macOS’s Disk Utility

The problem started in macOS High Sierra and continues. Normally, when users open the Disk Utility format they don’t have the option to Scheme. The scheme is quite handy for backward or using the drive on multiple platforms.

Any format on a disk decides how the way of division in the disk is organized to read. Overall enabling the option will make your drive multiplatform compatible. In macOS Disk utility, you will find multiple drive formats;

GUID Partition Map, Master Boot Partition, and Apple Partition Map. Most of the modern Macs support only GUID Partition Maps only. Master Boot Partition is a cross-platform format that can be mounted on Windows or macOS.

Master Boot Partition works almost the same as the ExFAT format. APFS is another one that can be mounted only on Macs. For maximum compatibility, you can choose the HFS—which is displayed as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) on your Disk Utility.

Fix Scheme Menu in Disk Utility

The formats always appear, select any items and click on Erase. Since you are only displaying volume, then your Scheme will be missing; as you are only showing volumes, not drives nor containers.

How to Fix Scheme Menu in Disk Utility on macOS?

Here is how to fix the Scheme problem. Go to View on the upper left corner in Disk Utility, select Show All Devices. There you will find the hierarchy of drive> Volume or Drive> Container> Volume (APFS). Now, select the drive and click on Erase.

Can't find the Scheme menu in macOS's Disk Utility
Can’t find the Scheme menu in macOS’s Disk Utility

The problem has been fixed. To make sure things are working well, go to View Scheme options or view either the default format type is applied. That’s is for “Can’t find the Scheme menu in macOS Disk Utility”.

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