Download macOS Ventura VMDK For Virtual Machines

macOS Ventura is one of the latest releases by Apple. The macOS was released as a successor of macOS Monterey and macOS Big Sur. The macOS was announced for the first time on WWDC 2022. Apple has released tons of new features with a brand new interface on macOS. A big turnover has been made to App Store too, you will find the App Store totally changed.

However; you are not here to know about the new changes in macOS Ventura. You are here to download the macOS Ventura VMDK file for your Virtual Machine and that’s what you are going to get. You will use the link below to download the VMDK file of macOS Ventura that can be used on both VMware and VirtualBox.

What is a VMDK file?

Before we start the downloading process, let’s know more about the VMDK file format. VMDK aka Virtual Machine Disk File is a disk image created to be used on virtual machines.

Basically, you will find the VMDK in two different formats. There is the Fixed size format and there is the Spare delta format. Even though there are no major changes in appearance, you will find Spare delta faster in terms of performance and also higher in terms of using RAM memory.

Despite the performance and RAM usage, you will find them both stored in the OVA file. VMDK was originally created by VMware and now is an open file format. It means that anyone can use the format without any charges or restrictions.

The only alike format that you will find is VHD. VHD (Microsoft Virtual Hard Drive) is created by Microsoft as a competition for VMDK. Users who are using Hyper-V are more likely familiar with VHD.

Download macOS Ventura VMDK

download macos ventura vmdk
download macos ventura vmdk

Here use the direct link below to free download macOS Ventura VMDK for your virtual machine. The VMDK file can be used on both VMware (Player and workstation) and VirtualBox. Since VMDK is a disk image, you will less likely find the need to configure the macOS. If you will configure the settings correctly, you won’t be required to perform the installation.

Download the file; run virtual machine, select VMDK file and run macOS. If you are not a big fan of VMDK files, then you can use the macOS Ventura ISO file or macOS Ventura DMG file to perform a clean installation on your virtual machine.

Since the file is bigger in size, you are recommended to use a third-party application. Depending on the built-in downloader of the browser will only slow you down. Instead, use fast downloaders such as IDM to download the file faster.

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What is the size of macOS Ventura VMDK?

The macOS Ventura VMDK size is around 3.9 GB in size. instead of using the VMDK file, I would recommend you download the DMG file or ISO file and perform a clean installation. This way, you will avoid tons of errors and have a properly functional macOS on your VMware or VirtualBox. As there are minor chances that you will experience errors by using VMDK directly.

Can I convert my macOS Ventura VMDK to VHD?

Yes, you can use different converts to convert VMDK files to VHD. Different converts can be downloaded from the internet to convert your VMDK file to VHD for free. Users with Hyper-V mostly prefer VHD which is understandable.

As VMDK is created for VMware and VirtualBox whereas VHD and VHDX are used for Microsoft virtualization products as Hyper-V.

VMDK is in single or in multiple files?

This can depend totally on users. If they have created, it in multiple files then you find it in multiple files whereas you will also find them as a single file too. The same goes with the size of the file too. The files can size from a few MBs to 64 TB in size.

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Features of macOS Ventura

macos ventura
macos ventura

Here are some of the changes and new features brought in by macOS Ventura.

  • Weather for the Mac
  • Because of this, the Weather Widget no longer redirects to The Weather Channel’s website.
  • Clock for the Mac: an app that displays world time and manages alarms, stopwatches, and timers
  • Because of this, the Clock Widget no longer redirects to the Date & Time section of System Settings.
  • Stage Manager, a new tool for organizing windows on the desktop
  • Improvements to search, email organization, and formatting in Mail
  • Richer search results in Spotlight
  • A new version of Safari includes Shared Tab Groups and Passkeys, a technology for password-less account management, and a redesigned sidebar.
  • Updates to Messages, which allow the user to edit and unsend recent iMessages
  • Handoff for FaceTime: the ability to transfer an ongoing call between multiple Apple devices
  • New features for videoconferencing, including the ability to wirelessly use an iPhone as a webcam
  • System Preferences was given a complete overhaul, with System Settings as its new name, and with a new user interface and better-organized categories, modeled after that of the iOS/iPadOS Settings app
  • “About This Mac” has a new user interface.
  • iCloud Shared Photo Library which allows multiple people (members of iCloud Family Sharing) to add, edit, and delete photos in the same photo library
  • Redesigned Game Center dashboard
  • Visual redesign of Font Book
  • Freeform, a productivity app like a whiteboard for real-time collaboration
  • Support for routes with multiple stops in Maps
  • Updated design for Siri, to match iOS and iPadOS.
  • AV1 and AVIF support

This entire feature section is from Wikipedia and credit goes to its writer. If you got any more questions related to macOS Ventura or VMDK files, then you can comment down. If you got any sort of issue or error while using the file, then Comment down.

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