How to Download Mojave Installer?

Mojave is one of the most popular macOS in the macOS series. The macOS was released as the successor of High Sierra and was great in terms of performance, stability, and friendliness. Here you will download macOS Mojave Installer without upgrading your current macOS.

There is the option to download the installer from Software Update. Inside the Software Update, you will click on Upgrade Now and will download the Mojave Installer. However; this method is for users who are using macOS High Sierra only.

System Requirement

For running macOS on your system, you are going to need the following specs. For the starter, you are going to need a GPU that supports Metal. The system should have 2 GB RAM and 12.5 GB of storage.

If you are upgrading your macOS then you will need 18.5 instead of 12.5 GB of storage. It is recommended to have at least 50 GB of storage, as you will need tons of space for installing apps and storing files.

For the Apple system, any system that supports macOS High Sierra can also run Mojave. Users who are still confused or want to know more about the system requirement can click here to know more.

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Download Mojave Installer

download mojave installer
download Mojave installer

For downloading the Mojave installer, you can use two different methods. Both methods will help you to download the installer. If you are interested to download it in ISO or DMG file then this can help “Download macOS Mojave DMG & ISO File- Direct Links”.

Both methods will download the full installer of Mojave which will means, the entire Mojave will be downloaded. The macOS might be between 6.5- 8 GB in size and the downloading speed will depend on your internet speed. It is recommended to have back of power before starting the downloads.

Use Terminal for Mojave installer

Start the Terminal application on your macOS. Now paste the command below on the terminal.

softwareupdate --fetch-full-installer

The command above will find the installer. Here you will type which version of the macOS installer your want. Since you want to download the Mojave full installer then you will type version number (10.14.6). Your commands should look something like these.

softwareupdate --fetch-full-installer --full-installer-version
softwareupdate --fetch-full-installer --full-installer-version 10.14.6

You can copy the commands above and paste them onto the terminal. Run the command and the process to download the installer will begin.

Use a third-party tool for the installer

This method is applicable to both Windows and macOS. For this method, you are going to download DosDude. DosDude is a third-party application that is used to download almost all the macOS installers on both macOS and Windows.

Begin by going to DosDude’s official page. There you will download the setup file which is around 20-23 MB in size. Once downloaded, you are going to run the application.

Note: you will need to enable installation from unidentified developers from settings, or else you will receive the “macOS Mojave can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer” notification.

Now go to the dock, Control from the menu, and select Open.

A pop-up will appear, click on Open.

Download macOS Mojave option from Dock
Download the macOS Mojave option from Dock

You are going to Tools in the menu and select Download macOS Mojave.

select Install macOS from the app directory
select Install macOS from the app directory

Here you will select the “Install macOS”. locate the drive that you want to download the files on and wait for the download to complete. Once the download got completed then you will close macOS Mojave Patcher and will run Install macOS

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How to download the full mac OS Mojave installer?

To download any macOS installer the most legit way, you will visit Apple App Store. There you will search for macOS Mojave and will download it. Hereby clicking on Download, you will download the mini installer of Mojave.

Start the installer of Mojave and wait till the countdown begins. Once the countdown begins, reboot your system. Now you will select the Quickly CANCEL option.

Begin by creating a new folder for your new macOS files. Name this folder “macOS Install Data”.

Then you will open Terminal and from here on you will use the Sudo privileges.

Begin by typing “sudo -s” on the terminal and run it.

Now you will run the command below on Terminal one by one.

mkdir /Applications/Install\ macOS\
cd /macOS\ Install\ Data
find . -mount | cpio -pvdm /Applications/Install\ macOS\

Last command will download the full installer of Mojave. Now you will go to App Store, navigate and you will find the macOS Mojave installer in the Applications directory.

How long does it take to install Mojave?

After downloading Mojave, it is a matter of time to install the macOS. If you want to install it on the system that you have downloaded then it will take between 20-40 minutes. The process of installation will totally differ, as the duration is totally dependent on your system specs. Higher the specs, the faster the installation.

If you are using SDD instead of HHD then the process with become much faster. For those who want to use the downloaded Mojave on other systems, they will need to create a bootable USB first. The process of creating a bootable USB will be between 10-20 minutes. Once the USB is bootable then you can use that to install the macOS.

Either the installation is performed from a USB or the macOS is inside the system, the installation time won’t differ. The process will take between 20-40 minutes.

How to download the Mojave installer to USB?

If you want to download the Mojave installer on a USB then you are going to use one of the given methods. No matter which method you choose, you will need to set the location during the installation. And if you are downloading the full installer then I would recommend you to download the macOS first on your system and then burn the macOS on a USB.

For burning the macOS on a USB, you will need third-party applications like UniBeast. I have provided the entire process of creating a bootable USB of Mojave here. Once the macOS is burned on USB then you can use it to perform the installation on any system.

Can I download Mojave without installing it?

With the methods given above, anyone can download Mojave. There is no requirement to perform the installation after downloading the macOS. And for users who are using Windows OS, can also use the method above to download any macOS installer. You can download the macOS in mini installer or full installer. The mini installer will require you to download the macOS while the full installer doesn’t require any download. It is like downloading the entire setup of macOS in a DMG file.

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