How to Enable Safari’s Dark Mode on iPhone?

Hey there! Do want to enable the dark mode on your Safari on your iPhone? Well, here this is going to help you, as the method will enable you to use dark mode on your iPhone.

While there are many users who are using the dark mode as a trend, the least they know is by enabling dark mode, they are also improving the battery life but also the performance of their phone.

Using the dark mode will increase your system’s battery life, and it will also reduce the strain on your eyes.

Enable Dark Mode on Safari on iPhone

safari dark mode iphone
safari dark mode iPhone

You will also find the dark mode on Safari on your macOS. For users who are using macOS, they will need to go to System Preferences > General > Dark. There they will find the Dark mode option, select the option and use the dark mode on your safari on macOS.

However; users who are on iPhone or iPad will need to open Settings.

display & brightness
display & brightness

Inside the Setting, you will find Display & Brightness option.

Dark on iPhone
Dark on iPhone

Select the Display & Brightness option, and now click on Dark.

Dark mode on Individual page

There is also another way to use dark mode without enabling the option from Settings. For this method, you will open your Safari browser. Then you will open any webpage inside. Let’s say, you will open iTechScreen’s homepage.

shade on Safari Reader mode
shade on Safari Reader mode

Once the page is loaded, you will click on the aA symbol right at the top. A new dropdown menu will appear, and you will select the shades for this page. You will find 4 different options. From the left, there is white that gradually changes to dark black.

Click on any of the shade that you think is suitable for you. Now you have enabled dark mode for this page. The exact same method can be used by users who are using macOS.

Third-Party tools

And the last method will be to use a third-party application. For this one, you will open Apple App Store. There you will search for the dark mode theme. Once found, you will select and apply it. This is for users with the earlier versions of macOS or iPhone.

Newer versions don’t require any theme by a third party, as the option is already there. Those users who can’t find any reliable dark mode can use this link to download one.

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Does safari have dark mode iPhone 8 plus?

Yes, dark mode is present in iPhone 8 plus. However; earlier versions than this cant support dark mode. You can use the built-in options or use third-party themes from App Store.

How to get dark mode on Safari iPhone?

For enabling dark mode on Safari on iPhone, you will enable it by going through Settings > Display & Brightness. There you will select the Dark option and this will enable the dark mode. For users who can’t find this option, they will need to update their system first. If you are still unable to use the option, then you will need to upgrade your current iPhone to a newer version.

How to turn the dark mode off Safari iPhone?

Enabling or disabling the dark mode on iPhone is totally the same. For changing the option, you will navigate through Settings > Display & Brightness. Here instead of using the Dark, you are going to select Light which will make your screen bright again.


It is a great idea to use dark mode. As this will help you to save more battery juice and also puts less strain on your eyes. The dark mode is one of the trending features that most of the users want. You can find the option on almost all major social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. The feature can be found on popular OS like Windows 11, Windows 10, macOS Monterey, macOS Ventura, or earlier versions.

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