Free Download El Capitan 10.14 DMG File

Mac OS X El Capitan one of the releases of Apple in the Mac OS X series was greatly known for its performance, stability, and user-friendly interface. And here you are going to download the El Capitan DMG file here.

Download El Capitan DMG

el capitan dmg

File Size: 5.7GB

License: Official Installer

File: InstallMacOSXElCapitan.dmg

Language: English

Developer: Apple Inc.

Summary of El Capitan

Mac OS X El Capitan was the twelfth major release by Apple. It was the successor of Mac OS X Yosemite and was later succeeded by macOS Sierra. You will find it as Mac OS X instead of macOS (which is currently) used.

The El Capitan was announced in WWDC 2015 and the first release was made on June 2015. However; public released was on 30 September 2015.

Rock formation at Yosemite National Park, California was the inspiration to name it as El Capitan.

Some has boldly said on the release of El Capitan as bigger and heavier Yosemite. However; you will find tons of improvements in the OS.

From the interface, to use eye catching colors with option to multi-tasking were all part of the Mac OS X. You won’t find any new innovation inside the OS X, but you will find improvements as compared to previous versions.

This was the reasons, why it was called a bigger version of Mac OS X Yosemite. Despite this fact, the Mac OS was great in terms of performance and productivity.

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Requirement for Mac OS X El Capitan

For installing the Mac OS X, you are going to need the following specs. I have separated the requirement section into two parts. There is section for required specs to run the OS and there is a separate section where you will find all the Apple products that can run the Mac OS X.

  • At least 4 GB of RAM memory is required. It is recommended to have 8 GB for smooth performance.
  • As for storage, you will need 12 GB of free storage.
  • In the processor section, you are compelled to have Intel Core 2 Duo or a later version.

Apple Systems supporting El Capitan

Here are all the Apple products that can run El Capitan.

  • iMac: 2007 or later.
  • MacBook: Aluminum Late 2008; from early 2009 or later.
  • MacBook Pro: 13-inch, Mid 2009 or later; 15-inch, Mid/Late 2007 or later; 17-inch, Late 2007 or later.
  • MacBook Air: from the end 2008.
  • Mac mini: from the beginning of 2009.
  • Mac Pro: from the beginning of 2008.
  • Xserve: from 2009.

How to install OS X El Capitan from downloaded DMG?

OS X El Capitan
OS X El Capitan

Users who wants to install El Capitan on their Mac using DMG file, they are going to use this simple and easy method. Since the method is quite easy, I have provided a short insight. However; if you want the full guide then comment down, and I will provide the full guide on iTechscreen.

The first step will be to download the El Capitan DMG file from the links above.

Once the DMG file is downloaded then you will double-click on the DMG file.

By double-clicking on the DMG file of El Capitan, the Finder window will appear. Mostly you will also find the Application folder open with the Finder.

If the Application folder is not opened then you will open it. Here you will drag the application icon to the Application folder.

And that’s it: You have installed El Capitan.

After performing the installation, you will “Eject” the DMG file. As, the file is no longer required, you will also delete the DMG file.

Why won’t El Capitan allow me to install the osxupdcombo10.11.6.dmg manually?

cant open OS X El Capitan on Mac
cant open OS X El Capitan on Mac

There can be different reasons why are unable to open or run osx10.11.dmg. It is mostly due to being contaminated with malware. There is also the possibility of damaged files.

However; it is more likely due to malware. So instead you will need to download the DMG file from trusted sites and then perform the installation.

If you are still experiencing the error, then you will need to open it form the settings. For this, you are going to Apple menu > System Preferences, there select Security & Privacy. Now click on General and select it.

Here you will find Open Anywhere option, select it. A new prompt will appear, select Open.

Note: by opening the file, you might put your system at risk. As contaminated files can also contaminate your system too.  

How to make a bootable USB from OS X El Capitan dmg?

To make a bootable USB from El Capitan DMG file, you are going to insert your USB to your Mac or MacBook. You will need to make sure that your USB is formatted and has OS X Extended with GUID Partition properties.  

Run Terminal and type the command below on Terminal:

sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ *Capitan.dmg/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/*Untitled --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ *Capitan.dmg

Note: make sure that you will replace Capitan.dmg with the setup name of your downloaded El Capitan dmg file. Also make sure to replaced Untitled with your USB name.

Now press Return key, and you will be asked for confirmation. Type Y and press Return key again.

The process will begin, and you have created a bootable USB.

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How big is El Capitan dmg?

Normally you will find El Capitan in DMG format around 5.6 GB in size. However; if you want to upgrade your system from earlier versions of Mac OS X then the size might differ. On Upgrading, it will be around 8.8 GB in size.

Can I Download El Capitan from officials?

To answer that you will need to check which version of macOS you are using. If you are using earlier versions as Yosemite, then you can upgrade your system to El Capitan. However; if you are using later versions of macOS then there is no other way to download the OS X except third party sites.

As users with later versions can’t upgrade or download from App Store.

Should I use Mac OS X El Capitan now?

It is not recommended to use El Capitan as your OS especially after the release of great macOS like macOS Big Sur, macOS Monterey or macOS Ventura. Those whose system can’t support later versions as macOS Mojave (at least) or later then they will need to upgrade their system.

The reason behind upgrading from El Capitan is security issues. It has been more then 6+ years since the release of El Capitan and numerous new macOS are released.

And it is also quite a smart move to move to something with better security, performance, new features and new interface.

However; users who wants to use the OS X for virtualization purposes, then you can use it without any concern.

Features of Mac OS X El Capitan

Here are all the features of El Capitan that will provide you a better insight of OS X is all about. These are the features that you will notice after the installation. We have tried to be as precise as possible. Form the interface to performance and hardware, all the sections are given a touch. If you felt something was missing then I would recommend you to comment down.

Note: security patches have been made, with new updates to security. However; those security patches or bug fixes are not worth talking about, as these security issues are found in one form or other in macOS.

1- Performance

Performance, Stability and begin efficient is the best-known feature of OS X. Search on the internet for anything related to OS X El Capitan and you will find these three words as its primary feature.

It is was not something from Apples marketing but an actual improvement. As comparison to previous version of OS X, you will find El Capitan faster, reliable and effective.

2- Mail

There was an issue related to Mail which was quite irritating in Yosemite. In this version, Apple has fixed the MailBox address issues on Mail. Not only the problems were fixed but the performance has been enhanced too.

3- Quick drag & drop

As compared to previous version of OS X, you will find this one more performance-focused. Now you can drag and drop items between the windows, drivers even faster.

4- Compatibility

Major improvements were made to compatibly. You will find El Capitan more integrated with Apple products now. You will also find better integration of OS X with Microsoft Office too.

5- Better productive environment with performance

Mission Control is a new feature in introduced in the OS X. This feature is used to organize different window simultaneously. Using this feature, you are able to switch between multiple windows with using your cursor.

el capitan split view
El Capitan split view

Not only Mission Control but will Spilt View will also help you to increase your productivity. Split View will enable you to run multiple apps on your screen. The feature will resize the windows of the apps to organize both of the applications at once.

6- Enhanced hardware usage

I have talked so much about the performance that it started even to irritate me. However; to be true, there are still things to be said about the performance of OS X. it is stated that application switching on OS X is 40% faster as compared to previous version.

Not only app switching but Apple has also introduced Metal tech for Mac and MacBook. Now with this feature, you are able to use your GPU in much enhanced way.

You will also find running, saving, and creating PDF files on Mac 4x faster.

7- Spotlight

With enhancement made to Spotlight, you are now able to search in-depth on Web & Mac. From media files to documents, you are able to find it on your Mac and if you don’t have the file then you also have the option to use your web.

And with new improvement on iPhoto, you are able to organize your images according to date, location or name. This will be proven helpful when you search something on your Mac and can’t remember that exact name.

8- New Emoji

To make your conversation more engaging, now Apple has added 150 emojis. You can use all of these for free.

Free Download El Capitan DMG file

download el capitan dmg
download el capitan dmg

Here you will lay your hands on El Capitan DMG file. Since the file is around 5.6 GB in size, you are recommended to use a fast third-party downloader as IDM (Internet Download Manager). As the size of OS X is big and you will need fast and stable internet connection.

Else during the downloading, break down of connection can cause you the pain to start the download from the beginning. Here I have provided different links.

You are going to the first two for direct download and the last one for torrent download. The DMG of El Capitan is around 5.6 GB in size and is the full and final version 10.11 with build 15A284. File is provided in DMG format which indicated that it is an offline, standalone installer. So, there won’t be any additional download required after the installation.

Direct Links 1 Direct Link 2Torrent Link

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