How to Create macOS Ventura Bootable USB Installer?

Create macOS Ventura Bootable USB to perform the installation on multiple systems. With a bootable USB of macOS Ventura, you will save much time and download data, as you will perform the installation on multiple systems without any additional installations.

Prerequisites for bootable USB

Before we continue any further, make sure you have the following. As these are a must to have for creating a bootable USB of macOS Ventura.

  • You will need a 16 GB of USB pen drive. Make sure to have the backup of data inside the USB as all the data inside the USB will be removed.
  • Make sure to have a fast and stable internet connection. Since the macOS Ventura sizes around 14 GB and you are going to download them later. So, having an efficient and stable internet connection will make things better.

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Create a bootable USB of macOS Ventura

create a bootable USB macOS ventura
create a bootable USB macOS Ventura

The entire creation process is quite easy. Just make sure that you will follow each step and by the end, you will have a bootable USB of Ventura ready to use.

NOTE: this method is only applicable to users with Mac. As we are going to perform the creation of bootable USB on a macOS.  

1- Download macOS Ventura

You are going to begin by downloading macOS Ventura. If you want to use macOS beta then you will need to access the Developers account and users who want to use the full version will need to download the installer for the full version (if released).

open downloaded macOS Ventura
open downloaded macOS Ventura

It depends on you, either access your Developers account and then download the installer. Open the installer, in the Application folder by the name of macOS Ventura.

open macOSDEveloperBetaAccessUtlity.pkg
open macOSDEveloperBetaAccessUtlity.pkg

After opening the folder, you run the installer which is mostly by the name of macOSDeveloperBetaAccessUtility.pkg.

install macos developer beta access utility
install macOS developer beta access utility

In the next window, you will click on Continue.

software update - upgrade now
software update – upgrade now

Software Update will appear on your screen, click on Upgrade Now.

downloading macOS 13
downloading macOS 13

Now the installer will start to download macOS Ventura.

You can also use this direct link to download macOS Ventura in DMG here. After downloading the macOS Ventura in DMG, you are going to continue to the USB section which is the next step.

2- Format your USB

Insert your USB with 16 GB storage and then you will open Disk Utility. You can access the Disk Utility from Spotlight too.

Now open Applications and go to Utilities.

Inside the Utilities, you will select the USB drive. You will find it on the left side of your screen.

earse USB for macOS Ventura
earse USB for macOS Ventura

Select your USB and click on the Erase which is present on the top of your window. Here you will be asked to insert and put USB properties:

Name: macOS Ventura
Format type: (OS X Extended)
Schema Type: (GUID Partition)

Your USB should be formatted with the properties above. Now click on Erase.

From here on, your USB will be formatted. After formatting your USB, you are going to make the USB bootable with macOS Ventura.

3- Use Terminal for making the USB bootable

Now for making the USB bootable, we are going to open Terminal. You can also find it from Spotlight, where you will find Utilities > Terminal.

bootable USB of Ventura
bootable USB of Ventura

Now you are going to use the command below on Terminal:

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ 13\ --volume /Volumes/MYVOLUME –nointeraction

Note: make sure that you have replaced “MYVOLUME” with the USB drive name. We have named our USB to “macOS Ventura” then we will replace “MYVOLUME” with “macOS Ventura”.

Alternative Method

There is also another easy way to perform the same method. Begin by running Terminal, and then type the commands below on Terminal.

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ 13\

The command above will direct the terminal to create a bootable USB of macOS Ventura.

Continue by opening Spotlight, and right-click on Ventura. Show Package Content, there you will open content in the directory. Now go to Resources > Createinstallmedia.

Here you will drag and drop the file on the terminal. Drop the file will automatically paste the directories path on Terminal.

Then you will press the Return key. You will be asked for confirmation.

Type Y and press the Return key again. The process will begin and soon you have created a bootable USB of macOS.

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