Fix An error occurred while installing the selected updates

You are recently installing the latest version of your macOS on your MacBooks, iMac, Mac Pro, or Mac Mini and instead of installing the update, you are getting an error.

An error occurred while installing the selected updates

Now instead of getting frustrated and getting angry let’s fix this error. Since the error is experienced on almost all macOS (macOS Ventura, macOS Monterey, macOS Big Sur, macOS Catalina, macOS Mojave…) and even users who use macOS on VMware or VirtualBox, they can use these methods.

Reasons why you are experiencing the error

An error occurred while installing the selected updates
An error occurred while installing the selected updates

There can be different reasons why you are experiencing the error. While most commonly, the reasons are due to damaged or corrupt macOS files, here are some other reasons why you are experiencing the “An error occurred while installing the selected updates” error.

Server Issues- one of the first reasons is having issues with the server. Maybe there is a fault in the server, and you can’t access it right now. Or there are too many users accessing the file right now and you can’t.

Network Issues- maybe the internet connection that you are using is not stable at all. Downloading updates or macOS files can be big in size. while downloading the files, if your internet connection is not stable then you will experience the error.

Third-Party application- there is the possibility that you can’t install the updates due to third-party applications. If you have kernel extensions or software on your macOS then they can block your internet connection or block you from downloading any new files.

Software Update Catalog- maybe there is too much load on Software Update Catalog. On new updates, many users rush to the Update Catalog which makes it hard to get updates. You are also recommended to check the selected file, maybe you have selected the wrong file in the Update Catalog.

Check macOS files- check if the downloaded files are legit. There is the possibility of downloading corrupt or damaged files.

Check for PRAM,MVRAM, SMC- here use this link and reset your PRAM, NVRAM and SMC. By resetting them, you will be able to fix tons of different issues that also include this one.

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Solution: fix “An error occurred while installing the selected updates” on macOS

While we have discussed the error and why you are experiencing the error, here are some of the methods that will help you to fix the error.

Download Update Files

The first thing will be to download the update files again. Now make sure that you will download the files from a valid source. Restart the update and check for the installation. If you still got the error, then try again later.

Restart Router

restart router
restart router

If your files are fine, then check for your router. Maybe your internet connection is the reason why you are experiencing the issue. Restart your router and check again for updates.

Check for background apps

Maybe there are applications running in the background that is creating conflict with new files. Stop those background applications and check for the updates again.

Checkout your Storage

macos storage
macOS storage

There is the possibility that you are running low on storage. After downloading the files, maybe there is no space left to perform the installation. By making sure that you have at least 20 GB of free storage, you can safely assume that there is no storage issue.

To check your system storage, you will click on the Apple icon. Then you will select About this Mac. Here you will select Storage and then you will click on Manage. Now all the disk storage is displayed on your screen.

Here you will find details like the file is taking the storage. All the files that include songs, videos, files, and applications will be displayed.

Reset to an earlier version

Users using a newer version of macOS (especially beta versions) can experience the error. This can be due to a compatibility error or is a bug in beta versions. Instead of installing the update right now, you are recommended to perform the installation later. In this way, all the possible bugs will be fixed by the officials.

To roll back to earlier versions of macOS, you will need to navigate through System Preferences > Software Updates > Details > Restore Default.

Use Safe Mode to install Updates

Safe Mode on macOS
Safe Mode on macOS

There is also the Safe Mode where you can download the updates without any restrictions. In this mode, there will be applications running in the background to interface or any other issues related to macOS. You will enter the Safe Mode perform the installation and exit it.

1- Mac with Apple Silicon

Users who are using Mac with Apple Silicon will need to use this method. For Mac users (Intel inside), I have provided another method below:

Start the process by shutting down your system. Now start your system and hold the Power button until you see the Startup options.

Select your Startup disk and hold the Shift button. You are going to click and hold the Shift button while clicking on Continue in Safe Mode.

Login to your system; you will be asked to log in again. That is it, you have successfully entered the Safe Mode on Mac with Apple Silicon inside.

2- Mac with Intel

For Intel, you are going to use this method.

Restart your system. While your system starts again, you are going to hold the Shift button.

Release the Shift button when you see the Login window. Here you will be asked to log in to your Mac.

You will be asked to log in again for the second time. During the second or third login, you will be in Safe Mode.

Safe Mode is one of the easiest ways to install any Update or macOS on your system. Users who are experiencing the “An error occurred while installing the selected updates” on their system can use the Safe Mode to install the update or even the entire macOS without experiencing any error or issue.

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