How to Open RAR Files on your MAC?

You might have one of those RAR files right now that you are either unfamiliar with or don’t know how to open rar on your macOS. So, here is how to open RAR files on your Mac.

Quick overview on the RAR file?

RAR is a file format like other formats such as ISO, DMG, and more. Likewise, it also contains multiple files at a time. The point behind the RAR file format was to handle huge files while having a small file size. It was also used to prevent files from being corrupt or damaged.

You can even take it to a restore point (if got damaged). To make handling smoother, you can have multiple-volume archives to larger files.

To perform the extraction, you will need third-party applications. Without these applications, you won’t be able to open RAR files on your macOS.

Applications to open RAR files on Mac

Two different methods are used to extract RAR on Mac. You can either use the Online option or can use the offline method. Both of them are safe and efficient enough to perform the tasks.

Offline Method to Open RAR File on Mac

To perform the procedure, you will need to download the RAR extractor for your Mac. Application such as “The Unarchiver” is a great option for macOS users.

The app is light weighted and super easy to use. It has the options to edit(support) Zip, RAR (including v5), 7-zip, Tar, Gzip, and Bzip2. Other file formats such as ISO, BIN disc images, and EXE installers are also fully supported by the app. Here you can know more about The Unarchiver here.

Online Method to Open RAR Files

For the online method, Archive Extractor is one of the best options. You can perform the archiving of your RAR files using their web-based application. Archive Extractor provides the best compression speed with a totally encrypted environment. Users can even share their RAR files directly from their cloud-based storage or can upload their files directly.

How to open RAR files on macOS?

How to Open RAR on Mac?
How to Open RAR on Mac?

As the online method needs stable and fast internet speed, and you will need to upload your files, then download them while your internet connection shouldn’t be disturbed; so, we have brought you an offline extraction method first.

You will need to download The Unarchiver which can be done by going to App Store and downloading it.

Install The Unarchiver
Install The Unarchiver

To download, you will need to go to the upper-right side of your App Store and type “The Unarchiver”. Click on the app, and click on Get. Select Install App and insert your Apple ID and Password.

open Launchpad on mac
open Launchpad on mac

Now, go to Launchpad there you will find The Unarchiver.

Open “The Unarchiver” and a prompt will appear. Select the extraction on the same folder each time.

Open RAR on macOS
Open RAR on macOS

Here you will need to go to the Archive Format section and check formats including RAR, RAR archive, 7Zip, and all the RAR files that you want to open in the future.

Go to the folder where your RAR files are. Right-click and open with The (default). The system will ask for an admin pass, insert the pass and you are ready to go.

If you are not fully convinced with The Unarchiver’s performance then we would recommend you use WinZip as an alternative. WinZip has a great privacy policy, with a full encryption option with amazingly fast extraction speed.

How to open RAR files on macOS online?

How to open RAR files on Mac online?
How to open RAR files on Mac online?

Online extraction is the advanced mode. As online web-based applications support up to 70 file formats that include 7z, ZipX, RAR, tar, .exe, DMG, and many more. You can even extract multiple files at once thanks to those powerful engines.

Out of all those web-based applications for extractions Archive Extractor, B1 Online Archiver, and Unrar Online are the best possible option. Users like you and I can upload our files directly or can use third-party cloud storage like Google Drive, Mega.NZ, Dropbox, and more. Just copy the URL of your file and paste it and click on Start to begin the procedure.

Once your file is extracted, you can download your extracted file and use them. The download speed might differ accordingly to your internet speed.

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