How to use iPhone as Webcam on macOS Ventura?

Are you stuck with a 720p or 1080p camera on your Mac? Here is how to use your iPhone camera as a webcam on macOS Ventura. Thanks to the significant camera on iPhones, you are able to capture great images and record videos.

Now you can use your iPhone as a webcam too. This new feature is introduced with the release of macOS Ventura and to be frank, this really is handy.

What do your need to use your iPhone as a webcam?

To use the feature, here is what you will need.

  • At least an iPhone 8 or later version is required. You can use earlier versions of the iPhone to use this feature.
  • Like I mentioned earlier, the feature was introduced on macOS Ventura released. So at least you will need macOS Ventura or later to use the feature.
  • Both of your devices need to use the same Apple ID.
  • Also, make sure, you have enabled Bluetooth on both devices. Your iPhone and Mac need to be connected on the same internet connection.
  • Place it near your Mac. For better results, place your phone as close to your Mac as possible; also make sure the phone is placed in a stable area. More stability means clear and friendly images or videos.  

How to use iPhone as a webcam on macOS Ventura?

iPhone as Webcam macOS Ventura
iPhone as Webcam macOS Ventura

Now that you have completed the tasks above, you will begin to use your iPhone as a webcam.

Use Desk View with Continuity Camera

By default, the Continuity Camera feature is enabled on your devices. However, there is no shame in rechecking to be assured.

enable Continuity Camera on iPhone
enable Continuity Camera on iPhone

Here is how you are going to check the Continuity Camera feature on your phone. Navigate through Settings > General > AirPlay & Handoff > Continuity Camera. Enable the feature on your phone and continue to use it on macOS.

Continuity Camera feature on macOS Ventura

Here are the steps to use Desk View with Continuity Camera:

If on FaceTime, start your video call, then click the Desk View button in the upper-right corner of the video window. On a different app, click Control Center, click Video Effects, then Desk View;

To zoom out or zoom in on your desktop, drag the onscreen control in the Desk View setup window. If you can’t get a good view of both face and desktop, try again with your iPhone in portrait orientation;

Click Start Desk View, then share the Desk View window. If using FaceTime, the Desk View window should already be shared. If using a different app, use its screen-sharing feature to select the Desk View window for sharing.

To stop Desk View, close the Desk View window. Or click the screen sharing button in the Desk View window.

Use Continuity Camera on other applications

What if you are using applications other than FaceTime? To use other applications like Photo Booth, or any other third-party application, here is what you are going to do.

First of all, apply the given method above. As most of the applications have the same interface and options to use Continuity Camera.

use phone as webcam on macOS
use phone as a webcam on macOS

However; some applications might need minor changes, and here is what you are going to do.

Open the application and navigate down to the Camera section. Now select your phone instead of Default Camera. This way, you will use your phone instead of the built-in camera on your Mac.

How to change Continuity Camera mode on macOS?

While using the continuity camera on your macOS, you can select different features like Center Stage, Portrait, Studio Light, or Desk View. Each of the features has its own use and attribute. To change the mode, this is what you are going to do.

change Continuity Camera on macOS
change Continuity Camera on macOS
  • Click the Control Center icon on your Mac’s Menu Bar (two pill icons in the top right corner)
  • Choose Video Effects in the top left corner
  • Now you can pick between using Center Stage, Portrait, Studio Light, or Desk View.

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