How to convert RAR to ZIP on windows 10?

How to convert RAR to ZIP on Windows 10- Archiving or compressing files is one of the most important aspects of file storing and sharing, especially if the file is oversized or needs some security. RAR and ZIP are the two most famous types of file compressing formats. Although at first glance, both of them might seem to be the same since both compress files into one single file, when we look deeper, then we will find that they have their differences.

Before we continue further, let’s know a little bit about the file formats. For users who are not interested in details, they can skip to the conversion section and convert RAR to Zip file format.

Difference between RAR and ZIP File Format

Here are some of the major points on both RAR and Zip file formats. By just learning about them, you will understand what they are about and which one you should use.

ZIP file format

ZIP means “To move at high speed”, it is an archive file format that also allows the user to compress one or more than one file and folders without losing any data. ZIP uses many algorithms for compressing files, but among them, “DEFLATE” is the most common, created in 1989, developed by PKWARE.Inc. ZIP was quickly adapted by much other software, and ever since 1989, Microsoft Windows has made a built-in ZIP by the name of “compressed folder”.

Over the years many versions of ZIP have been released. Among these, version v4.5, aka ZIP64, was one of the essential releases. Before, ZIP was only able to archive or compress files up to 4 GB only, but with the release of v4.5, now it was able to support up to 16 EB. There are many software available licensed and accessible, which supports the ZIP file format. Applications like WinRAR, WinZip, 7-Zip, Info-ZIP, PeaZip, and B1 Free Archiver are the most common ones.

  • Zip is widely known and is supported almost everywhere.
  • The algorithm which ZIP uses is weaker as compared to WinRAR.
  • ZIP supports a file size of up to 16 EB (nearly 1718 GB).
  • The ZIP file can be created using many different programs like WinRAR, WinZip, 7-Zip, Info-ZIP, PeaZip.

RAR File Format

RAR stands for “Roshal Archive”, initially developed by a Russian engineer “Eugene Roshal” in 1993. RAR is an archive file format that allows the user to compress files, archive a single file or data into separate parts, and error recovery.

RAR is licensed by WinRAR software, and its filename extension is “.rar”. It can support a file size of up to 9,000 PB. Users can only create a RAR file by using the WinRAR software. WinRAR is available for almost all the primary OS like Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, and Chrome OS. Users can also use file extractors like 7-Zip, PeaZip, The Unarchiver, and RARLAB to extract or unpackage a .rar file.

  • WinRAR is a trail-based software that requires you to buy the program after 40 days of usage.
  • The algorithm AES-128 encryption, which WinRAR uses, is much efficient.
  • WinRAR can support a file size of up to 9,000 PB.
  • The RAR file extension can only be created by using WinRAR software.

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How to convert RAR to ZIP on windows 10?

how to convert RAR to ZIP
how to convert RAR to ZIP

There are many ways in which you can convert a RAR file into ZIP on Windows 10. Some of them are listed below:

1: The built-in function of Windows 10

To begin the operation of “how to convert RAR to ZIP”, we are going to use built-in options first. There is a pre-built file compressor in Windows 10, which allows the user to compress a file and change the type of compressing extension.

Step 1- Locate the RAR file that you want to convert, right-click on it, and select Extract Here.

Step 2- After the extraction, right-click on the extracted files and select Add to archive.

compress files on Windows 10
compress files on Windows 10

Step 3- In the following window, click on the General tab, and in the Archive format, select ZIP and click on the OK button.

Note: users won’t find the built-in option to convert the file format due to their Windows editions. If you can’t find the option then, I would recommend you to continue with the next method.

2: Use Third Party applications to Convert RAR to Zip

We have added two of the best application in terms of compression or extraction. There is WinRAR and there is the 7Zip.

WinRAR to convert RAR to Zip

You can also use WinRAR software to convert .rar files into .zip.

1- Locate the file or folder that you want to convert, right-click on it, and select Open with WinRAR.

Tip: The WinRAR might ask for a password if the .rar file is password-protected. There you will need to insert the password for access.

2- Once the file is opened, then you will click on Tools and select Convert archive from the menu.

3- Once the Convert archive window is opened, in the Archives to convert box, you can see the file you want to convert as well as you can remove or add more files. In the same box beside there is the extension box too, where you can select your files accordingly. For selecting the files, you will need to check the boxes beside them.

4- For now, select a destination for your converted file. You can do so by clicking on the Browse button beside the Folder for the converted archives box. And click on Compression….

5- In the General tab, ensure the ZIP is dotted under Archive format, and click on OK.

6- The WinRAR will start to convert RAR into ZIP. Once the WinRAR converting got completed, click on the Close button.

7-ZIP for RAR conversion

7-zip is a free and open-source archive software, and it’s compatible will almost every OS. To convert a RAR into ZIP by using 7-zip, follow the following steps:

1- Locate the file that you want to convert and open it with 7-zip, right-click on it, and point the cursor on 7-zip, and in the following menu, click on Open archive.

extract file with 7zip
extract file with 7zip

2- Once the 7-zip is opened, select your files and click on Extract.

3- In the following window, select a destination for your file and click on OK.

4- Now locate your extracted file, right-click on it, point the cursor on 7-zip once again, and click on Add to archive.

5- In the following window, in the Achieve format menu, ensure it’s set to ZIP; you can also rename your file or put a protection password; once done, click on OK.

7-zip will start converting your file into .zip and will close automatically once finished.

3: Online Websites

There are many websites online where you can convert your .rar file without having to download any software. One of the other benefits that it has is that you don’t need to have extra storage for compression. Your file first will compress them directly unlike other archivers. However; there is also a drawback to online sites.

Since you are going to use third-party sites, there is a speed limit (due to your internet connection). First, you will need to upload the files then you will download them. Users who are converting files with huge sizes can experience difficulties.

Note: the link below is not sponsored by any means, nor do we guarantee any kind of surety. The link below is given, as we have used their tools and have experienced fewer problems as compared to other sites.

Cloud Converter

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Select File, or click on the arrow, which will provide many ways to import your files, including by URL, Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.
  3. If you have chosen the From my computer, a window will appear where you have to locate the file that you want to convert.
  4. Click on the Convert button. First, the computer will upload the file to the website, and then it will start converting.

Tip: You can change the file format by clicking on the box beside Convert to, or also you can set a password by clicking on the wrench icon.

  • Once the website finished converting, you can download your file in .zip format by clicking on the Download button.

Conclusion of Converting RAR to ZIP

And that is all on “how to convert RAR to ZIP on Windows 10”. I have mentioned all the possible methods that can help you to convert the files formats. If you are experiencing any sort of issues during the operations then you can comment down. I would personally get to that issue as soon as possible.

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