Best apps to open and extract RAR files on Mac

Apps to Open RAR files on Mac- There must have been times when you have come around a RAR format file, and if you are using a macOS by any chance then you already know that Mac can’t open any RAR file by default. So, what is the procedure to open the RAR file on Mac? But don’t worry, here I am going to show you on best applications to open and extract RAR files on Mac. For sure, these apps will overcome your RAR problem forever.

What is a RAR file?

RAR, which stands for Roshal Archive, is a type of archive format like ZIP. Archiving files will allow us to pack all the files into one single file while compressing the space for easy transfer too.

Although the ZIP format has been around for more than 30 years, it’s RAR that is taking the lead. RAR was a less popular file format that was developed by Eugene Roshal. From then till now the format is owned by WinRAR software developers where they offer better and faster compression.

Not only RAR file format compresses the file size but also encrypts them. You can add passwords to make them safe while you transfer them.

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Best applications to open RAR files on Mac.

Best apps to open rar files mac
Best apps to open rar files mac

Many application claims to open or extract RAR files (and they do) but few really do the job with efficiency without damaging any files too. the best option for you on Mac is “The Unarchiver”.

The Unarchiver is one of the most popular file archivers in Mac which is used to alternate to the most-famous, Windows-compatible WinRAR software. It is an online platform that can be used to open or extract any RAR files. The Unarchiver can be also found as an application on the Apple App Store. There you can get the app to perform the extraction.

How to extract RAR file on Mac?

Here is how to extract the RAR file on Mac.

Download The Unarchiver

the unarchiver for macOS

Run your Mac’s App Store and search for ‘The Unarchiver’. Then you will need to select the application by clicking on the Get button beside the first result.

Note: as you know for downloading any file on any Apple product, you will have Apple ID. Log in to your Apple ID then download the app.

Launch the app

Open the Launchpad there you will find The Unarchiver application. Run the application.

The moment you run the app, a Welcome window will appear. Click on Next to continue the extraction.

Extract RAR file

In Preference under Archive Formats, you will ensure that the RAR Archive check box is checked. On the top of your screen, you will find the File option that will open a drop-down menu. In the drop-down menu, you will find options as:

  • Unarchive to current folder…
  • Unarchive to Desktop…
  • Unarchive to…

According to the location of your file, select one of the options. Next, locate your .rar file and click on the Extract button.

Then you will need to select the location where you want your RAR file gets extracted. Select the location and click on the Extract button.

Here you will be asked for a password; if your RAR file is encrypted. Make sure you have inserted the correct file and your extraction will begin.

Note: If you want to extract a RAR file with multiple parts, ensure that all parts are inside one folder. Once one of the files got complete, the system will ask for other parts (it didn’t then select the other part manually) for the extraction too.

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