Direct Download macOS Catalina Installer without App Store

Aside from having issues with Sidecar which was in its early stages, macOS Catalina was not good but great in the macOS series. From interface to performance and stability, all things about the macOS were great. Major features with improvement in security and stability have been brought. Apple also made sure that Catalina has great compatibility with all Apple products.

System requirement for macOS Catalina

Most of the MacBook or Mac release after 2010 can probably run the macOS. You will need 12.GB of free storage for the macOS, even though 18.5 GB is recommended and you will need 4GB RAM memory.

This might not be enough for you to understand, what specs you need to run macOS Catalina. To give a better idea, you can visit the official page of macOS Catalina where all the specs required to run the macOS are stated in brief. Click here to check the macOS Catalina system requirement.

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Download macOS Catalina Installer without App Store

download macos catalina installer
download macOS Catalina installer

Instead of downloading the entire setup file, you can download the installer from the following methods.

  • Use Terminal to download macOS Catalina Installer
  • Download the installer with Patcher
  • Manually download the installer of macOS Catalina

It is quite a common practice to download installers within macOS settings. Users can go to System Preferences > Software Update and there download the macOS Catalina installer.

There is also the option to visit Apple Apps Store, then search for macOS Catalina. Once found download the installer.

1- Use Terminal to download the Catalina installer

This method is quite straightforward. You are going to begin the process by opening the Terminal. The terminal can be accessed by opening Dock and typing “terminal” in Launchpad.

Or you can also open it from Finder, navigate through /Applications/Utilities folder, then double-click Terminal. Once Terminal is accessed, you are going to type the commands below:

softwareupdate --fetch-full-installer
softwareupdate --fetch-full-installer --full-installer-version **.**.*

You have to make sure that you have changed the “**.**.*” to the correct version of macOS Catalina. Your command should look something like “softwareupdate –fetch-full-installer –full-installer-version 11.3.1”.

2- Download installer with Patcher

A patcher is a great option for users who are using Mac that is not supported by macOS Catalina.

First, you are going to download the Patcher from this link.

Catalina Patcher error
macOS Catalina Patcher error

Once downloaded, you will need to install it. While performing the installation, you will experience the error, which is quite normal.

Change setting in Security & Privacy
Change setting in Security & Privacy

Here you are going to System > Preferences > Security & Privacy. There you are going to find the Open Anyway option.

Note: before you open the application from System settings, make sure to open it at least once. Without opening the application and directly opening from the settings is totally useless method.

Uncheck Auto-apply Post install Patches for macOS Catalina installer
Uncheck Auto-apply Post install Patches for macOS Catalina installer

Now go to the File menu at the top of your screen. Here you will select the Options > and select Uncheck Auto-apply Post install Patches option. This will open another window where you will find the Download a Copy option.

Select Download a Copy of macOS Catalina.

macOS Catalina Patcher would like to access files in your downloads folder
macOS Catalina Patcher would like to access files in your downloads folder

Click on the Start Download option and a pop-up will appear with (“macOS Catalina Patcher” would like to access files in your Downloads folder.), here you will click on OK. 

select macOS installation in Patcher
select macOS installation in Patcher

Here you will be installed to select an Installation Method. Select one of the options from your screen, I would recommend you to select Create a Bootable Installer option so that you can later use it on other systems too.

macOS Catalina Patcher
macOS Catalina Patcher

Again, click on Continue in the next window and the downloading will begin.

downloading macOS Catalina with Patcher
downloading macOS Catalina with Patcher

Once the downloading got completed then you can use the installer.

3- Manually Download Catalina Installer

Instead of downloading the installer to download the files later. You are going to download the files in DMG file format, from this link (Download macOS Catalina DMG). Since the DMG file is an offline installer of macOS Catalina, after downloading it, you won’t require to download any more.

Once downloaded, you can use it to upgrade your Mac or MacBook. You can also use it to create a bootable USB of macOS too. The same DMG file can be used on virtualization software like VMware or VirtualBox. However; we would recommend you to download macOS Catalina Virtual Disk Image instead of the DMG file.

How long does it take to install macOS Catalina?

The installation of macOS Catalina on any system can differ. If you are using the latest versions of Mac or MacBook then you are going to perform the entire installation after downloading the file within 15 to 20 minutes. However; if you are using an earlier Mac or MacBook then the installation will take more than 20 minutes of installation after downloading the file.

However; if you want to install it on an unsupported Mac or any other system then the installation time might be more than 30-40 minutes.

How to download the macOS Catalina installer?

For downloading the Catalina installer, you can either visit Apple App Store or itechscreen. With itechscreen, you can download the installer in the offline installer for free. The installer will be provided in DMG and safe from any threat that can harm your system.

You can use it for any purpose that you want. From installation on Mac to virtualization, all the tasks are possible by the file. So, click on the link to download the installer for free.

How to download a full-size Catalina installer?

Here you are going to download the full-size Catalina installer for free. This is not any updated file or installer to download the update instead, you are going to use it to download the full-size macOS Catalina installer.

The provided files are provided from a safe server so that the installer won’t be infected by threats such as malware or virus that can hurt your system.

For a long time, I have been an Apple user. I’ve always been impressed with the quality and usability of this macOS. With the release of macOS Catalina, I knew it is one of the best ever. The macOS does a great job of being fully optimized for a fast, smooth experience with easy installation for all Mac users. And even better, there are no third-party apps to worry about which can break your machine or slow down performance. So, click here to download macOS Catalina Installer for free.

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