Unlock Windows 11: Bypass TPM & Secure Boot on Mac

Discover how to install Windows 11 on older Macs lacking TPM and Secure Boot support with this comprehensive guide. It outlines steps to bypass these requirements, providing a detailed walkthrough. Explore the workaround for bypassing TPM & Secure Boot on Mac for Windows 11.

Download Script File:

The script files will be used to create a bootable USB, download Windows 11 ISO file, or install Windows 11. While the script can be used to download the Setup file of Windows 11; it can also be used to bypass the TPM and Secure Boot options.

Bypass TPM and Secure Boot on Mac

Bypass TPM & Secure Boot on Mac
Bypass TPM & Secure Boot on Mac

We will install Windows 11 on a Mac, even if lacks TPM and Secure Boot. The method is applicable on both Windows and macOS.

While performing the installation, you will also download Windows 11 setup file. So, you are recommended to have a fast internet connection with power backup.

Step 1: Prepare the Media Creation Tool

This step involves copying the content of the “MediaCreationTool.bat” file. This file is a script that facilitates the installation process.

Begin by copying the content of “MediaCreationTool.bat” from the link.

Next, you’ll open Notepad, paste the content into it, and save it with the same name. Make sure to use the “.bat” extension. Without “.bat”, the file will be automatically saved as a text file.

Step 2: Run the BAT file

Right-click on the BAT file and choose Run as administrator option.

This will open a PowerShell-like blue window displaying the current configuration. Within this window, you’ll have the option to either upgrade an existing Windows version or create an ISO file for installation, applicable to both older versions of Windows and Windows 11.

Step 3: Select Windows 11 and Choose the Upgrade Option

Click on Windows 11, and you will be presented with three options:

  • Auto
  • ISO
  • Bootable USB

Select the Auto option to proceed with the installation of Windows 11. Selecting the Auto option will initiate the upgrade process.

Step 4: Proceed with Windows Setup

The setup will launch, and initially, it might show the Windows 10 Setup screen, which will later transition to the Windows 11 Setup screen. This might take some time. You are recommended to give it some time.

The script will begin to download all the necessary updates to ensure a smooth installation. Once downloaded the screen will be changed to Windows 11.

Step 5: Monitor Download Progress

Keep an eye on the download progress displayed on the screen. Be patient, as this phase may take some time, especially if there are substantial updates to download.

Step 6: Skip TPM Check and Bypass Options

This process will bypass TPM (Trusted Platform Module) and Secure Boot; also skips certain options that might be necessary for a standard installation. However, this method assures that the upgrade can be completed without needing a USB drive.

For users with MacBooks that don’t have TPM and Secure Boot options, this is the most important step for them.

Step 7: Installing Windows 11

You will eventually reach the Installing Windows 11 screen. During this phase, the system will install the new operating system. It’s normal for the progress to appear stuck at times, so patience is key.

Step 8: Restart Your MacBook

Once the installation is complete, your system will restart. The screen may flicker a couple of times, and there may be one or more restarts. This is normal; there is nothing to be concerned about.

Step 9: Completion and Finalization

After the restarts, you should see a message indicating that the system is Working on Update. This signifies that Windows 11 is being installed on top of your existing setup.

Step 10: Windows 11 installed on your Mac or MacBook

Now you have a proper Windows 11 installed on your Mac or MacBook.

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