Easy Way to Convert DMG to ISO (Windows, Linux, and macOS)

Those who own a macOS, know the incompatibility of ISO with macOS; same with Windows OS and DMG files. Even though both of the file formats are working the same, still there are changes that make them different. So, here is how to convert DMG to ISO or vice versa on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

ISO and DMG Differences

DMG or Dual Master Guide aka Disk Image is a file format that is used to share compressed image files. Whereas, ISO or International Organization for Standardization is mostly used on CD/DVD. ISO is mostly used on Windows OS and is even used for virtualization purposes.

The ISO file format is great for mounting disk image files or sending them online. On other hand, DMG has a great compression algorithm and encryption options.

For using ISO, Windows and Linux are great platforms, whereas DMG is working great on macOS. It is totally wrong to state that macOS doesn’t support ISO files. As macOS can run ISO; however, doesn’t give options to create one too. Instead, you will find DMG or IMG format.

Unlike macOS, Windows can’t run DMG at all. You will need to convert DMG to ISO for using the file on Windows OS or Linux.

How to convert DMG to ISO?

convert DMG to ISO
convert DMG to ISO

Since there are numerous applications to perform the operation. So, we have divided the section as platform-based. We have made a section for:

  • macOS
  • Windows OS
  • Linux
  • Web based

All the methods will be totally compatible with all the versions of the platform of that section and all the used applications are free to use. Even the web-based converter is free to use for conversion.

1- Conversion of DMG to ISO in macOS

For converting any file format on macOS, you can use two different methods. There is the option to use the Disk Utility or you will use any third-party application. Using third-party applications for the operation is easier as compared to Disk Utility. So, we have started with the third-party app “ApplePi-Baker”.


It is a great option for the conversion of file formats on macOS. Originally, it was developed for Raspberry PI Disk Images. However; here you can use it on macOS too.

First, you will need to download and install ApplePi-Baker.

You will Mount the DMG file then. For this purpose, you will find the DMG file as a disk in Finder.

ApplePI-Baker convert DMG to ISO on macOS
ApplePI-Baker convert DMG to ISO on macOS

You will start the procedure by locating the mounted disk and will click on Select a Disk in Select Disk (s) section.

A list of mounted images will appear on your screen; there you will select the DMG file.


applepi-baker on macOS
applepi-baker on macOS

You will open the Advanced View option in the bottom left. Then all the Mounted Disk images will appear on the right side.

Here you will double click on the mounted disk. Will select Backup then will select the File Format as IMG. Soon the conversion will be…

Note: most of the users might feel unusual, after spotting the change in size. It is quite normal to have a larger ISO size after the conversion, as DMG is way compressed in size as compared to the ISO file format.

Disk Utility

Another way to convert DMG is by using Disk Utility. Before we start the procedure, be aware that we are going to use extension CDR for this purpose.

Being the operation by double-clicking on the DMG file.

Then open Disk Utility which is present in Utilities.

Here you will right-click on the DMG Mount and will select the Convert option.

In the dialog box, you will select the Image Format to CD/DVD master and will Save it.

Once the conversion is completed, you will rename the file to “.ISO”.

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2- Convert DMG to ISO on Windows OS

For the operation on Windows OS, I have selected Power ISO or dmg2img. Both of them are great apps to perform the operation.

Power ISO

First, you download and install PowerISO on your Windows OS.

PowerISO converter
PowerISO converter

Then you will run the app and will click on Tools in the menu and will click on Convert.

PowerISO convert DMG
PowerISO convert DMG

In the next window, you will select the Source File, Destination File, Output image file format and will click on OK in the Convert Image File Format window.

poweriso successfully converted
PowerISO successfully converted

Once the conversion got completed, you will click on OK.

Note: Power ISO can be also used on macOS too. as the app is fully supported and can be run on macOS.


for this method, you will use this direct link to download the dmg2img file. Then you right-click on the file and will extract all the files.

A new window will pop, there you will select the location of your extraction.

Now you will open Command Prompt as admin and will drag the dmg2img folder. Then you will press Enter key and then will use the command below:

dmg2img <source file.dmg> <destination file.iso>

Your command should look something like this:

dmg2img “C:\Users\Itechscreen \Desktop\random.dmg” “C:\Users\Itechscreen \Documents\ConvertedRandom.iso”

Note: there are no spaces required between the commands. Here I have used spaces to clarify the commands for you. You will insert the DMG source in “source file.dmg” and will put the destination in the “destination file.iso”.

Then you will press Enter key to start the procedure. Once the procedure is completed, then you can find the ISO file of the selected DMG file.

3- Conversion on Linux

For converting your DMG file, you will use the same dmg2iso.

The first step will be to open Terminal and type the following commands one by one:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install dmg2img

then you will use the commands below. The command below will convert your DMG file to ISO.

dmg2img example.dmg example.iso

for users who want to change again their ISO file back to DMG then they can use this command in the terminal:

dmg2img example.dmg example.img

4- web based Online Conversion

One of the great things about web-based online converting sites is, they can be used on any platform. There is no distraction on either you are using Windows, Linux, or macOS. You will visit the website and will convert your file to any file format that you want.

You can visit websites as “youconvertit.com” to convert your files for free. However; for web-based converters, there is a drawback too. as compared to other offline converters, web-based might take longer. As you are going to upload the dmg and once converted, you will download the file.

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