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The concept of Virtualization is quite interesting. With Virtualization, users are able to create a sandbox-like environment inside which they can install and use any OS they desire. Virtualization can do tasks that no other system can perform.

You don’t need to remove your RAM, use smaller storage, or something like that. Instead, you will use the Settings inside and change the specs for VM.

For creating a VM, VirtualBox is one of the most reliable ones. This application has friendly navigation and a straightforward interface with tons of powerful tools.

And what OS is better than Windows 10. You can use Windows 10 on VirtualBox while having low specs. However; for using Windows 10, you will need the ISO file of Windows 10.

As this ISO file of Windows 10 will be later used on VirtualBox for installation. And here you will use the links or methods given to download Windows 10 ISO for VirtualBox.

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Download Windows 10 ISO File for VirtualBox

windows 10 iso for virtualbox
windows 10 iso for VirtualBox

To download Windows 10 for VirtualBox, here are all methods possibly there are. Before you continue to use any of them, you can also use the link below.

These are the links that can be used to install Windows on VB. Unlike other methods given, nor this ISO file is provided by a Microsoft server, nor is hosted by us. These are direct links from a third-party site that provides the ISO file of Windows.

Here you have noticed two download links. the links are to download Windows 10 ISO files in 32-bit and 64-bit.

Development Environment

This file is provided by Microsoft. Unlike other methods below, this is the direct one. You are going to use the direct link to download the file.

You will find the file in a zip file as inside there is the VM of Windows 10. Instead of an ISO file, you will find a VM of Windows 10, created by Microsoft to be used on VirtualBox.

Unlike ISO files, you will find it bigger in size. While ISO files are around 6-8 Gb in size, you will find Windows 10 VM of 20 GB in size.

Download Windows 10 VM (Enterprise) Evaluation

Media Creation Tool

download Windows Media Creation tool of Windows 10
download Windows Media Creation tool of Windows 10

Another method to download Windows 10 is to use Media Creation Tool. Use this link to download the Media Creation tool. Use the tool to download Windows 10 ISO files in x86 and x64.

Media Creation is a great way to download Windows. you can use it to download the ISO file only or to burn the ISO file on a USB.

If you don’t feel at ease with Media Creation then you are recommended to try the next method. As the next method will help you to download Windows 10 ISO file for VirtualBox for sure.

Download from Microsoft

Download Windows 10
Download Windows 10

For this method, you are going to visit the Microsoft page. Use the link to visit the Microsoft download page. Here you will find only the download button to download the Media Creation tool. Instead, you will change your browser to developer mode.

change browsing mode
change browsing mode

Then you will change the desktop mode to tablet or mobile mode by clicking on the phone icons.

Download Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO File )
Download Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO File )

Now a totally new page will appear on your screen.

Windows edition and language
Windows edition and language

Scroll down, then select the edition of your Windows 10. After selecting the edition, you are recommended to select the language of Windows 10.

Windows 10 English International for VirtualBox
Windows 10 English International for VirtualBox

Here you will see two different buttons to download Windows. there is a button to download Windows 10 x86 and x64. Click on the one that you want to download and the downloading process will begin.

Since the download size is around 5 GB in size, you are recommended to use third-party applications. Third-party application as IDM (internet download manager) will help you to download Windows faster.

Once downloaded then you can use it on your VirtualBox.

Install Windows 10 with ISO file on VirtualBox

Now that you have downloaded the ISO file, you are going to install it. Begin by running your VirtualBox, then create a new VM. Once the VM is created then you will select the ISO file of Windows and perform the installation.

If you find it challenging to install Windows 10 on VirtualBox then use this link for the installation.

Where to get Windows 10 ISO for VirtualBox?

To download Windows in ISO for VirtualBox, you can visit iTechscreen. Here you can download ISO and DMG files of different OS, Linux, and macOS for VirtualBox and VMware. If you can’t find the ISO file then you can contact us to get the links.

All the files here are safe and are hosted on a fast server. Use the links to download Windows ISO from the fast server for free.

How to put Windows 10 ISO into VirtualBox?

To use Windows 10 inside VirtualBox, you will need to create a VM (virtual machine) first. While creating the VM, there will a phase where you will be asked for an ISO file. You will find this phase as File location & Size. Here you will point the VM to the ISO file of Windows.

Later on, VM on VirtualBox will use the ISO file of Windows 10 for installation.

How do you attach the ISO file to Windows 10 in VirtualBox?

For using any ISO file on VirtualBox, you will be asked right at the beginning. If you are creating a new VM then you will be asked to attach your ISO file in File location & Size. By any chance, if you have already created a VM and have not attached your ISO file then you will need to go to VM Settings.

There you will find the Storage section. Select Storage and click on Empty. Now on the right side, you will find a dvd icon, click on it to select the ISO file of Windows. Browse and select ISO file of Windows then click on OK.

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