Download Fedora Linux for VMware Workstation

Do you want to use check Fedora Linux on your VMware? Well, here you are going to download Fedora Linux for VMware workstation or Player by the direct links. For those users who are not familiar or fedora is still a mystery then they can understand fedora by reading below.

Fedora Linux

Fedora is a Kernel-based OS and is mostly backed by Red Hat. Basically, the Fedora is owned by Red Hat Linux, and is mostly all the new experiments of Red Hats are checked on Fedora.

Since fedora is open source, you can download and use it for free. There are also brief details on their site about the OS and its source code. You will also find GNOME Shell as the default desktop environment with GNOME too. You will also find KDE, Xfce, LXDE, MATE, and Cinnamon as different desktop environments too.

Officials provide major updates after every 6 months and almost 13 months later maintenance tools and features are released.

VMware Workstation or Player?

You might be considering which version of VMware should you use? To put things in another way, which of the VMware (Player or Workstation) has better compatibility with Fedora?

The answer to that question is that it doesn’t matter. Since VMware has made each of the versions for a specific consumer, they are suited best for the targeted customers. There are no differences between the VMware versions and fedoras compatibility.

Download Fedora Linux for VMware

download fedora linux VMware
download fedora Linux VMware

Here we have divided the download section into two. There is a separate section for the Fedora workstation and there is another for Fedora Server. Most users prefer to use a workstation, still, there are who want to use a server. Click on the links given and download Fedora Linux for VMware.

Fedora Workstation

VMware (VMDK) x86_64

Size: 1.87 GB


Fedora Server

VMware (VMDK) x86_64 architecture

Size: 1.62 GB



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How to use Fedora on VMware?

fedora on vmware
fedora on VMware

For users who want a guide on installing Fedora on VMware, they can comment down and I will post a separate one of the installations of Fedora on VMware soon. However, users who are interested in just a quick overview can use these methods.

  1. First, they will need to download Fedora Linux in ISO file. I have provided the direct link above, if you haven’t downloaded the file then you can click on the links to download the Fedora Linux.
  2. Then you are going to download VMware Workstation or Player. There is no specific requirement, any of VMware can do the work. Just make sure it the latest version of VMware.
  3. Now you are going to install VMware on your system and then you will run it.
  4. Once the application starts, you are going to create a new VM (virtual machine) for fedora.
  5. Then you will configure the settings of your new VM and will select the ISO Image of Fedora Linux.
  6. Now perform the installation of Fedora on VMware.

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Features of Fedora Linux

fedora for VMware
fedora for VMware

On every new update, major new features are added. Here are some of the features that I thought were interesting and hope you will find them interesting too.

Anaconda and other desktop environments (Gnome and KDE) are added. A wide range of settings tools, package manager RPM, and multi-languages are supported.

Users who have used Red Hat Linux will find it comforting. Since Fedora has quite a similar interface to RHEL (Red Hat Linux).

The latest desktop environment as Xorg, Gnome, and KDE is also provided.

Support for x86, x86-64, ARM AArch64, IBM Power64, IBM Power64le, IBM Z (“s390x”), MIPS-64el, MIPS-el, RISC-V as secondary architecture processors are also provided.

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