Download Kali Linux ISO File by Direct Links

Download Kali Linux ISO File- Kali Linux is Debian based system. you can use it as an alternative to your Windows OS or macOS. Thanks to amazing performance and powerful engines, you can do things that are beyond everyone’s imaginations.

It has the ability to be used for ethical hacking, to check network security, and can also perform cyber-attack simulations. You can also use it as Live on a USB or CD. there are more than 600 penetration testing tools, Nmap (a port scanner), Wireshark (a packet analyzer), and tons of other packages. You are here to download the Kali Linux ISO file and you will get it by the links given.

Check system architecture for Kali Linux

Before you start to download Kali Linux, let’s make sure you are going to download the correct architecture. For checking system architecture on Windows OS, you will need to go to Start. there you will type “systeminfo”, enter the system information and check your system architecture.

If you are using macOS, you will need to use the command below on Terminal to check your system architecture.

uname –m

on both systems, if you find AMD64 then you will download 64-bit else if found i386 then 32-bit Kali Linux should be downloaded.

Download Kali Linux ISO File

download kali linux iso file
download kali linux iso file

Use the direct links given below to download the Kali Linux ISO file for your Windows OS and macOS. You can also use the file for VMware Workstation and VirtualBox. Since all the files are in a standalone offline installer, there won’t be any additional download required.

As there are wide verities of machines, so you can use the same ISO for intel-based and ARM-based systems. For ARM-based devices, specific links are provided.

Image NameDirect LinksTorrent LinksSizeSum
Kali Linux 64-Bit (Installer)kali-linux-2021.1-installer-amd64.isokali-linux-2021.1-installer-amd64.iso.torrent4.0 GBSHA256sum 22995811b68817114c2f4bcab425377702882b9a2b19a62d8d8c6e85f691262b
Kali Linux 64-Bit (Live)kali-linux-2021.1-live-amd64.isokali-linux-2021.1-live-amd64.iso.torrent3.4 GBSHA256sum 659e5430208a8bef15740e5d28b7a54c42b7a0c29b8617715994eac939c90822
Kali Linux 64-Bit (NetInstaller)kali-linux-2021.1-installer-netinst-amd64.isokali-linux-2021.1-installer-netinst-amd64.iso.torrent379 MBSHA256sum cf672207806649fb60449e22935ab010bf973f8ef5cc9273dd2524c8d4e61066
Kali Linux 32-Bit (Installer)kali-linux-2021.1-installer-i386.isokali-linux-2021.1-installer-i386.iso.torrent3.5 GBSHA256sum c10ddd7f6cee1de0586fa34a359f8ba7381500efc2587c4d81d2ce7287d5d38b
Kali Linux 32-Bit (Live)kali-linux-2021.1-live-i386.isokali-linux-2021.1-live-i386.iso.torrent3.0 GBSHA256sum c255a34820f53416390f1f03401b4bc4562c5030a9d677cd31ec0de6f551c48f
Kali Linux 32-Bit (NetInstaller)kali-linux-2021.1-installer-netinst-i386.isokali-linux-2021.1-installer-netinst-i386.iso.torrent336 MBSHA256sum 41732f9dfbef2276d2836d76838a3a998eae35642d4094ade975c427356c1689
Kali Linux Apple M1kali-linux-2021.3-installer-arm64.isokali-linux-2021.3-installer-arm64.iso.torrent4.0 GBSHA256sum 72558ac80e6ab1c9c8afb6197cbd61101a5c87057c343de5b52abbe028d5ba68
Download Kali Linux ISO File

NOTE: while downloading Kali Linux is easy, being deceived is easier. There are numerous sites that provide malware instead of Kali Linux ISO files. Since the Kernel is used for penetration testing, using a created Image of a VM is more dangerous. Try to use links directly from the Kali Linux official server and since the links above are from Kali Linux; you can use them without a single concern of security.

After downloading Kali Linux make sure there is a SHA256SUMS signature on Kali Linux files.

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Download Kali Linux Virtual Images

Since there are users who want to use Kali Linux for virtualization purposes too. So, use the links below to download Kali Linux virtual images for VMware and Virtual Box.

Kali Linux Virtual Image for VMware

download kali linux image for vmware
download Kali Linux image for VMware

Direct- Torrent

Kali Linux Virtual Image for Virtual Box

download kali linux image for virtualbox
download Kali Linux image for Virtualbox


If you want to download the Kali Linux ISO file for bare-metal machines, for your mobile phone, or other platforms then you can use these links for downloading.

How to verify Kali Linux downloaded files?

verify kali linux downloaded files
verify kali linux downloaded files

Once you have downloaded Kali Linux, is it safe to use it. For making sure, the used links above are safe; here are some of the methods to check the verification of Kali Linux.

  • Always use Kali Linux server for downloading Kali Linux.
  • Make sure there is a SHA256 signature on your ISO file of Kali Linux and the same signature can be found on the inspection list of the Kali Linux.
  • On both ISO file and Torrent files, you will find SHA256 signature for sure.
  • You can also use third party applications as GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) which is enabled by downloading GPG4Win. Use the application for verifying the ISO or Torrent file of Kali Linux.  

Using third party applications for downloading Kali Linux

If you are on Windows OS, then you will need to use then you will need to run “certutil -?” command on CMD (command prompt) to check for GNU. If found, then you will use the command below:

certutil -hashfile kali-linux-2021.3-live-amd64.iso sha256

for Windows OS, you can use Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier or Hashtab to verify the downloaded files. However, on macOS, you will need to use GPGTools or Homebew.

Download Kali Linux securely

For this purpose, you will need to possess GPG on your system. then you will use the command below:

$ wget -q -O - | gpg --import

or use the command below:

$ gpg --keyserver hkps:// --recv-key 44C6513A8E4FB3D30875F758ED444FF07D8D0BF6

Once the command is used then you will experience the commands on your screen.

gpg: key ED444FF07D8D0BF6: public key "Kali Linux Repository <[email protected]>" imported
gpg: Total number processed: 1
gpg:               imported: 1  (RSA: 1)

now you will need to verify the downloaded file with this command:

$ gpg --fingerprint 44C6513A8E4FB3D30875F758ED444FF07D8D0BF6

If your downloaded file is correct and secure then you will see the command below on your screen:

pub   rsa4096 2012-03-05 [SC] [expires: 2023-01-16]
      44C6 513A 8E4F B3D3 0875  F758 ED44 4FF0 7D8D 0BF6
uid           [ full] Kali Linux Repository <[email protected]>
sub   rsa4096 2012-03-05 [E] [expires: 2023-01-16]

Manually verify the downloaded files

if you want to manually verify the downloaded files you will use this method. Let’s assume here your file is named as “kali-linux-2021.3-live-amd64.iso”. now to verify, you will use:

$ shasum -a 256 kali-linux-2021.3-live-amd64.iso

Your output should look something like this:

e316b27025922e9f6bca0cacee6dde83dbfd4a549ad18026526f5824af639fc1  kali-linux-2021.3-live-amd64.iso

Verify downloaded torrent file of Kali Linux

Like we mentioned before, ether it is an ISO file or a torrent file to download Kali Linux, make sure there is a SHA256 signature. You will find the signature at the end of your file “***.txt.sha256sum”. here is how to verify torrent files:

$ grep kali-linux-2021.3-live-amd64.iso kali-linux-2021.3-live-amd64.txt.sha256sum | shasum -a 256 -c

If you found the command below on your screen, then your file is totally safe and is a Kali Linux file.

kali-linux-2021.3-live-amd64.iso: OK

Upgrade your Kali Linux

Use the commands given below to update your Kali Linux to the latest version. One by one use the command given for upgrading your system.

$ sudo apt -y update
$ sudo apt -y full-upgrade

Features of Kali Linux

After installing or updating to the latest version, you will find the tools given below:

Airgeddon – A bash script to audit wireless networks.

Arjun – HTTP parameter discovery suite.

Chisel – A fast TCP/UDP tunnel over HTTP.

DNSGen – Creates a combination of domain names from the given input.

DumpsterDiver – Find secrets in various file types.

GitLeaks – Searches Git repo’s history for secrets and keys.

HTTProbe – Pull a list of domains and study for working HTTP and HTTPS servers.

MassDNS – A DNS stub resolver for mass lookups and reconnaissance.

PSKracker – WPA/WPS toolkit for creating default keys/pins.

WordlistRaider – Preparing existing wordlist.

Kali Linux files directory

Since it is quite hard to find the exact version of Kali Linux that most of the users want. There is a possibility that you might not even find one, so here is the direct directory of Kali Linux that you can use for downloading the ISO file of Kali Linux.

SHA1SUMS2021-10-21 13:421.3 KB
SHA1SUMS.gpg2021-10-21 13:42833
SHA256SUMS2021-10-21 13:421.6 KB
SHA256SUMS.gpg2021-10-21 13:42833
kali-linux-2021.3-cloud-ec2-amd64.tar2021-09-06 11:246.8 GB
kali-linux-2021.3-installer-amd64.iso2021-09-06 09:244.6 GB
kali-linux-2021.3-installer-arm64.iso2021-09-06 11:013.3 GB
kali-linux-2021.3-installer-i386.iso2021-09-06 10:003.6 GB
kali-linux-2021.3-installer-netinst-amd64.iso2021-09-06 09:26380 MB
kali-linux-2021.3-installer-netinst-arm64.iso2021-09-06 11:15317 MB
kali-linux-2021.3-installer-netinst-i386.iso2021-09-06 10:01325 MB
kali-linux-2021.3-live-amd64.iso2021-09-06 09:183.8 GB
kali-linux-2021.3-live-arm64.iso2021-09-06 10:262.6 GB
kali-linux-2021.3-live-i386.iso2021-09-06 09:543.1 GB
kali-linux-2021.3a-installer-amd64.iso2021-10-16 20:563.1 GB
kali-linux-2021.3a-installer-netinst-amd64.iso2021-09-28 13:48464 MB
kali-linux-2021.3a-installer-netinst-arm64.iso2021-10-07 13:40397 MB
kali-linux-2021.3a-installer-netinst-i386.iso2021-09-28 13:50410 MB
kali-linux-2021.3a-live-amd64.iso2021-10-21 10:493.8 GB
kali-linux-2021.3a-live-arm64.iso2021-10-21 10:492.6 GB
kali-linux-2021.3a-live-i386.iso2021-10-21 10:493.1 GB
kali-linux-2021.3a-live-amd64.iso2021-10-21 10:493.8 GB
kali-linux-2021.3a-live-arm64.iso2021-10-21 10:492.6 GB
kali-linux-2021.3a-live-i386.iso2021-10-21 10:493.1 GB
Kali Linux files directory

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