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Search “Windows 7 ISO file” and you will find tons of results. Visit any of them and download Windows 7. Soon you will find either Windows 7 setup files are either broken, corrupted, or infected.

To avoid any of those, you can use the given link below to download Windows 7 ISO for PC and laptop. You can also use Windows 7 ISO for VirtualBox and VMware too. From using Windows 7 for upgrading your system from earlier versions of Windows such as Windows XP to perform a clean installation on a PC, all of them can be done using the setup file of Windows 7.

Windows 7 : desktop
Windows 7: Desktop

Windows 7 is a great option for businesses and corporations. While Windows 7 is a great option to perform from basic to advanced work on the other hand the extended support for Windows 7 has been ended too.

Microsoft Windows 7 reached its end of life on January 14, 2020. Only reason now users are using Windows 7 is cause they are installing it on older hardware or want to perform virtualization.

While both of them require product keys for installation. Product keys can be accessed from retail stores or from sites online. Whereas downloading ISO files is quite a challenge, as you might get infected files with the system files of Windows 7.

Why should you download from us?

A few years ago, users who had Windows 7 product keys had the option to download the setup of Windows 7 in an ISO file from Microsoft’s official page.

However; now you can’t even download the ISO file from the official Microsoft page. The only way to get Windows 7 is to get it from third-party sites. While they provide the ISO files for free, you might also get:

  • Corrupt Windows 7 system files.
  • There is the possibility that the system files of Windows 7 can be missing.
  • The setup file of Windows 7 can be infected by viruses, malware, or spyware.

So, use the links to download Windows 7; create a bootable USB, upgrade your Windows, perform a clean installation, or do virtualization. Or you can also Dual Boot Windows 11 and Windows 7

Windows 7 ISO Free Download for VirtualBox

Download WIndows 7 ISO for VirtualBox
Download Windows 7 ISO for VirtualBox

Use a great OS with low spec requirements. Here you will use the direct link to download the original untouched ISO file full version of Windows 7. It is the offline installer of Windows 7 that can be used on 32-bit systems and 64-bit systems.

Microsoft Windows 7 was the successor of Windows XP and was later succeeded by Windows 8.1. The OS is great in terms of stability and performance. And on installing the OS, you will get tons of powerful tools.

The OS comes in different editions each for a specific purpose. So, here are all the editions of Windows 7 with links to download them too.

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Windows 7 starter

Windows 7 Starter

The most basic edition of Windows 7. This edition was for users with low-spec PC. It was available for 32-bit CPU architectures PC only and was for basic uses. The edition lacked tons of features but was the most affordable edition of Windows 7.

Windows 7 home basic

Windows 7 Home Basic

Home basic was for home users. It was the edition with multi-media support. This edition of Windows 7 has an Aero theme with Aero visual graphic support. Windows has all the basic features and tools needed for a day-to-day user.

Windows 7 home premium

Windows 7 Home Premium

In Windows 7 Home Premium, you will find all the entertainment tools. Home Premium also has an Aero theme but also a clear glassy look. In this edition of Windows 7, Microsoft also added the Media Center too.

Windows 7 professional

Windows 7 Professional

Professional edition was released for small businesses. This edition of Windows had all the networking tools required for a business. As a comparison to Home Premium, you will find Professional improved in terms of performance and number of features.

Windows 7 enterprise

Windows 7 Enterprise

You will find Enterprise more appealing as compared to previous editions. This edition was released for large companies and organizations. It was suitable for both national and international firms. All the tools required for a big company are present in this edition with additional security.

Windows 7 ultimate

Windows 7 Ultimate

Ultimate editions it the most powerful edition in Windows 7. You will find all the other features present in Ultimate. Features such as Home Group, Jump list, Snap, Windows Search, BitLocker, Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, and much more.

Windows 7 VirtualBox Image Download

Windows 7 ISO Image for virtualbox

Previously on Microsoft’s official site, an Image file of Windows 7 was available. You had the option to download Windows 7 ISO Image for VirtualBox or any other virtual machine.

The ISO IMAGE was provided with “.vbox” extension. Normally you would find them as “” or “” files.

All work needed was to download it and then directly use it on any Virtual Machine. However; now you won’t find the Windows 7 IMAGE.

And even if I will create one for you, still you can burn it on any device. You can’t create any sort of bootable device. As for just burning the IMAGE file, you will need to perform a great deal of work. Instead, you can download Windows 7 ISO file and use it on your virtual machine.

This way, you have the option to perform virtualization and to make a bootable device too.

How to download Windows 7 ISO Image for VirtualBox for free?

To download Windows 7 ISO Image for VirtualBox, you can visit iTechscreen. Here you can download all ISO Images of Windows, macOS, and Linux. Use the direct link to download Windows 7 ISO Image file for free and there is no need to create any sort of account.

Visit the site, and navigate to Windows 7 ISO. Select your Windows 7 edition and download the ISO file. Get the ISO file for free without any risk of malware, virus, or other threats.

Windows 7 on virtualbox
Windows 7 on virtualbox

Once you have downloaded the file then you can also use them on VirtualBox. Here are some examples of Windows installed on VirtualBox.

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Requirement for installing Windows 7

If you are having a VirtualBox then I am quite sure that you have all the specs to run Windows 7. However; these are the required minimum specs to run Windows 7 on any system.

  • 1 GHz of Processor or above
  • 32-bit or 64-bit supported processor
  • 15 Gb Hard Disk Space for 32 bit or 20GB Space for 64bit
  • DirectX 9 Graphics to use Windows Aero Feature

Use the downloaded Windows 7 ISO to create a bootable USB

Yes, you can use the downloaded Windows 7 file to create a bootable USB. Once you have created a bootable USB, then you can use it to perform a clean installation or to upgrade your system.

Is it legal to download Windows 7?

You can download Windows 7 setup file without any issue. However; you will need to purchase product keys to activate the OS. Using any sort of script file or activator to activate your Windows 7 is totally illegal.

How can I update my Windows 7?

Back in 2020, Windows reached its end of life. This means no more updates for Windows will be provided. The only way to update your Windows is to manually download the updated files. And to download the updated files, you will need to go to the Microsoft Windows catalog.

What is the best version of Windows 7?

In the entire Windows 7 series, Windows 7 Ultimate is probably the best one out there. Ultimate has all the tools and features other Windows editions have. Not only the performance is improved in this edition but the stability is also better. Out of all the Windows 7 editions, you are recommended to use Windwos7 Ultimate.

Where can I download the Genuine ISO file of Windows 7?

To download genuine untouched Windows 7 ISO files, you can visit iTechscreen. Here you can download all versions of Windows files that can be used to upgrade, for a clean installation, or for virtualization purposes. As there is the Windows 7 ISO file for VirtualBox.

Download Windows 7 IMAGE or ISO?

If you are confused between downloading the ISO or Image file of Windows 7 then you are recommended to download the ISO file. As you can perform a clean installation, upgrade your Windows, do virtualization or create a bootable USB with the ISO file. Whereas, Image files can be only used for virtualization only. On other hand to create a bootable device Image will take hours of work.

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